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If you are one of the millions of teenagers or adults who suffer from acne, you know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. There are hundreds of acne treatments available and it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. This review is focused on Exposed Skin Care acne treatment, which has become very popular in the past few years.

Who Is Exposed Skin Care?

The Exposed Skin care company was started in Seattle Washington in 2002. The skin care professionals who founded the company were seeking to develop the best acne products by combining natural and scientific ingredients.

The Pro’s and Con’s

On the pro side, Exposed Skin Care products include many natural ingredients in their formulas. They include green tea, a proven acne bacteria killer with high amounts of antioxidants and healing agents. Sage extract is known to prevent dryness and protects skin from free-radicals. Licorice root extract reduces inflammation and lightens scars. Passion flower extract and Aloe Vera are well-known anti-inflammatory agents, which help sooth irritation caused by acne.

On the con side, a very small percentage of users had bad reactions to the products. These went away once they discontinued use, and they took advantage of the 1 year money back guarantee.

What Other Acne Cream Reviews Are Saying

Most of the Exposed Skin care review articles that I read were very positive. It gained its popularity from positive feedback and acne cream reviews. There was a small percentage who said that the line didn’t work for them at all. The products often made their skin worse. Some had severe reactions, such as dryness and itchiness, bumps in their skin, and one person said their whole face became swollen and red. A few alleged that the positive Exposed Skin Care┬áreviews were fake.

On the whole, even people the products didn’t work for gave pretty positive reviews. In one where they had given the product only 2 stars, their title specifically stated that it didn’t work for them but was not a scam. They had used the Exposed Skin Care set, and it seemed to be working for the first few months. After that, however, they developed cystic pimples, which they had never gotten before. Most company’s guarantees would have expired by that point, but Exposed Skin Care’s guarantee is for 1 year. The person said that they had no problem getting their money back. They said that even though it didn’t work for them, they would still recommend Exposed Skin Care because it might work for someone with different skin issues and the guarantee means you have nothing to lose.

The Bottom Line

As many of the reviews point out, everyone’s biology is different. That means that everyone’s skin problems, and their reactions to skin care products, will be different. Finding the right acne product for you can be largely trial and error. Exposed Skin Care is at least worth trying, and if it doesn’t work their 1 year guarantee takes care of the error and you won’t be out of pocket.


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